16 th Annual Gulf Insurance Forum 2019

Wednesday-Thursday 16 th , 17 th , October 2019
Stella Di Mare Dubai Marina Hotel – Dubai - UAE

How Insurance Correlates with Social Security, End of Service Benefit & Retirement

About Us

The Gulf Insurance Federation (GIF), was established in 1993 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, The GIF Insurance Company has played an active role in the service of the insurance industry To establish the concept of cooperation among Gulf insurance companies and work to strengthen the links and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of this cooperation by constantly seeking to discuss important issues and topics of concern to the insurance sector in general. Today, we are raising an important issue on:
“Risk Assessment and Pricing in the Gulf Insurance Sector”
Several panel discussions will be conducted with God's will to address many important technical issues and their impact on the insurance and reinsurance industry.
Day one
-    Issues and the technical pricing system for the insurance business and the inter-relationships between the insurance companies and its importance to regulate the market to establish a sound pricing policy and the importance of cooperation between insurance companies in this field.
-    The relationship between the insurance companies and insurance brokers - the role of supervising insurance regulators and controllers in the development of control frameworks to avoid problems, obstacles and disagreements to urge the insurance companies to Obligate applying the technical pricing - the importance of the role of insurance brokers and customers.
-    Panel Discussion.
Day Two
-    Regulating the reinsurance and market controller in the light of the regulating the reinsurance business.
-    The role of supervising controllers and regulators in regulating the relation between insurance companies and re-insurance - Establishing the mechanism in dealing with reinsurance companies.
-    A panel discussion involving insurance companies - reinsurance -  supervising controllers and regulators.
-    Use of technology in assessing and pricing insurance risks and issuing policies.
-    The impact of the global and local financial crises on the insurance sector.
Invitations were issued to participate in this important insurance gathering for all insurance companies, brokers and associations, as well as Arab and international insurance associations and observers, representatives of insurance supervision and control bodies and representatives of the ministries of economy and trade in all Arab and European countries and all concerned parties.
Please kindly provide us with the names and functions of your candidates to attend this important insurance event, and we hope that we will receive your response to facilitate the work of the Organizing Committee and to complete the work of the hotel reservation arrangements



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